Getting a New Car Inspection: The Smart Move Before Buying a Car

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At Welsh Automotive Specialties, we know that buying a car is a major purchase. And before you officially decide to buy a new or used car, you want to ensure that it’s safe, reliable, and worth your investment!

Our team of experienced technicians can complete vehicle inspections at a car before you purchase it to ensure there’s nothing that needs to be fixed or replacement parts ordered beforehand. Our pre-purchase inspections ensure you’re making a smart purchase and one you can trust.

With convenient locations in Exton and West Chester in Chester County, we want to be your destination for preventative maintenance and pre-purchase inspection stations. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on an inspection for the new or used car you’re thinking of purchasing.

Why Should You Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

With a pre-purchase inspection, our certified technicians can provide you with a thorough overview of the vehicle’s health, giving you both peace of mind and sometimes leverage in price negotiations. For a used or pre-owned car, we can help you identify if it’s a money pit or if there are major issues that need automotive repair.

Some reasons to consider getting a pre-purchase inspection include:

  • Safety First – Your safety is our top priority! Catching potential safety issues like faulty brakes or worn-out tires is a key part of a pre-purchase inspection. You should never compromise your safety —  no matter how good a potential deal may seem.
  • Long-Term Savings – Discovering problems before you buy can save you a lot of cash down the line. This protects you from unexpected repair costs or surprises after your purchase of the car.
  • Better Decisions and Negotiations – A pre-purchase inspection report can give you a strong basis for negotiating the purchase price of a vehicle. With this information, you can also decide if the vehicle is a worthy investment or if it’s better to walk away.
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What's Included in a Welsh Automotive Specialties Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

When we say “comprehensive” at Welsh Automotive Specialties, we mean it! Our full-service pre-purchase inspection covers a complete list to get you a full overview of your potential car’s health.

Here are some key areas our certified technicians pay particular attention to during your pre-purchase inspection:

Vehicle Exterior

During our inspection, we thoroughly examine the bodywork and structure of the vehicle to see if there were any signs of misalignment or damage from previous accidents or repairs. We'll also check the condition of the lights, windshield, and mirrors to make sure there are no visibility issues.

Tires and Wheels

We'll look closely at your tires and wheels to ensure it's safe to drive. We examine the tires to make sure tire rotation has been completed regularly and look for uneven wear, as this could hint at suspension issues or alignment problems.

Engine Health

We make sure to carefully examine all of the important engine fluids, such as the oil and coolant, to identify any potential leaks. Additionally, we conduct a thorough inspection of the engine belt and hoses, which are crucial components that impact the overall performance of the vehicle. With regular oil changes, your vehicle should be in great condition.

Emissions Inspection

In many areas, having an up-to-date emissions inspection is a legal requirement for car registration or renewal. We can ensure your car meets emissions inspection standards and will earn an inspection sticker.

Transmission, Brakes, and Suspension

These systems are crucial to vehicle safety and functionality, so we'll meticulously check the condition of your prospective car's transmission, braking, and suspension system to ensure it's ready to drive off the lot.

Electronic Systems

From the vehicle's air conditioning to the computer system, we also verify the functionality of integrated electronics, including the car's diagnostic systems. Every aspect of our pre-purchase inspection is undertaken with the utmost care because at Welsh Automotive Specialties, your safety and satisfaction are paramount. This extensive evaluation informs you about the automobile you are about to invest in and ensures you’re getting the quality you deserve. But remember, a pre-purchase inspection is not just about checking items off a list. It's about ensuring that you're not just buying a vehicle - but that you're buying trust, safety, and years of worry-free driving. That's the quality of care you can expect from your local family-owned auto repair shop!

Why Choose Welsh Automotive Specialties for Your Pre-Purchase Inspection?

At Welsh Automotive Specialties, we know that knowledge is power when it comes to buying a vehicle. Our technicians are specially trained to provide a comprehensive and honest evaluation of a vehicle. You’ll get a pre-purchase inspection report in easy-to-understand language that ensures you clearly know the status of your car.

When you bring your car to Welsh Automotive Specialties for a pre-purchase inspection, you’ll get:

  1. Expert Technicians – Our team is composed of certified technicians equipped with state-of-the-art tools and years of experience.
  2. Convenience – With our convenient locations in Exton and West Chester, getting your vehicle inspected has never been easier. Plus, you can use one of our courtesy fleet vehicles while your potential new ride is being inspected.
  3. Transparent and Fair Pricing – We believe everyone should be able to afford peace of mind when buying a vehicle. That’s why we provide high-quality service at fair and transparent prices.

Bring your car to our service center!

At Welsh Automotive Specialties, customer satisfaction and safety are our top priority. Let us make sure your purchase of a new or used vehicle is reliable and trustworthy with our pre-purchase inspection service.

You’ll drive away with confidence, knowing that you’ve made a smart decision. Schedule an appointment to give us a call today to learn more!

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