Oil Change

Have Your Oil Changed Regularly

Oil Change Services are the easiest way to prolong the life of your vehicle- The more you change it the longer the vehicle will last. Today’s engines produce a lot of carbon inside the engine and the best way to prevent build up is to simply change your oil and filter.

All of our oil change services include- road testing your vehicle, Changing the engine oil filter and engine oil, rotating your vehicles tires, topping off your vehicle’s fluids and inspecting condition, checking and inspecting your tire condition and wear, checking and adjusting your tire pressures including your spare tire, and preforming a multipoint inspection which includes checking and inspecting your vehicles exhaust system, Steering & Suspension system, Fuel System, engine air & cabin Filters, Fluid leaks, Brake system.

At Welsh Automotive we offer several different oil change services:

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service– This service is recommended every 3,000 miles
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change Service– This service is recommended every 5,000 miles

Get an Expert Opinion

Your vehicle may state in the owners manual that the vehicle can go longer than these mileages-
However we still recommend these intervals, The newer style engines burn oil, by doing this they cause
parts to wear in the your engine faster than they should. Our goal at Welsh Automotive is to keep your
vehicle running efficacy and prevent any unneeded repair due to lack of engine oil.

  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Welsh Automotive has a great fleet program- we work with companies such as ARI, Enterprise Fleet.
  • We offer lower labor rates
  • Drop off & Pick up Services
  • Reserved waiting appointment times
  • Nationwide Warranty
  • All your employees the same labor rate and drop off service so they don’t have to worry about getting their vehicle to the shop
  • Your fleet vehicles get the highest priority
  • Call Shawn or email Shawn@welshautomotive.com for more information on our fleet program