Once known as Wiley’s Care Car since the 1950’s, Welsh Automotive Specialists invites you back to your favorite repair shop, just with a new face. Many of your favorite technicians and staff, who you may have grown to love, are still lending a hand throughout the new shop! Helping with all of your auto repair, oil change, or compute diagnostic needs that you may have, or past work you may be inquiring about, Welsh Automotive is here for you!
Whether you’re using your car to get to work, school, or get some errands done in the King of Prussia area, there will come a time where you will have to get an oil change. At Welsh Automotive Specialties, we are your one-stop-shop in the King of Prussia, PA area to ensure your car is getting the right oil change.
King of Prussia is a census-designated place in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. As of the 2010 census, its population was 19,936. King of Prussia is home to many shops and reasturants. King of Prussia is home of one of the largest malls in america. Also located here is the headquarters of the nuclear regulatory commision region. King of Prussia is considered to be an edge city of philadelphia, consisting of large amounts of retail and office space situated at the convergence of four highways.
With King of Prussia being so close to our main shop location in West Chester, it has become a hot spot for local residents to have their oil change & computer diagnostic needs met without traveling too far.


When your check engine light shows up or your car simply isn’t running as it should, bring it to Welsh Automotive Specialties. Our expert team can quickly and accurately diagnose what is going on with your vehicle. Using high-end computer systems to diagnose your vehicle has become our standard, and has proven itself to find things that you can sometimes miss with the naked eye.
We have a lengthy history of satisfactory clients throughout the King of Prussia area letting us know how much easier it was to get their car diagnosed by a computer and handled by auto professionals.
All of our computer diagnostics are done by in-shop auto care technicians who have years and years of experience under their belt dealing with almost any situation you may bring to us. Some main aspects of your car that the computer diagnostic goes through are:

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Safe Today!

Accessible and Comprehensive Car Inspection, King of Prussia PA

Did you hear a clunking sound coming from the front of your vehicle the last time you gave someone a lift? Do you think your car engine starts to lose power after driving for only a few minutes? It’s time to seek help from experts!

Whether you use it daily to pick up your kids from school, go to work, or run some errands, your car may need an inspection at some point.

As soon as they know they have to hire reliable auto maintenance services, many people panic, thinking they should wait hours for an inspection or pay for expensive repairs.

However, getting your car inspected is the first step you should take to keep it in top shape, avoid issues that can turn into much more expensive problems, and make sure you’re always safe.

If you’re in King of Prussia, PA, and want or need to get a car inspection, you’ve come to the right place! Welsh Automotive offers the best auto repair and maintenance services in town!

We Perform Car Emissions and Safety Inspections in King of Prussia, PA

In Pennsylvania, car inspections must assess two main aspects: emissions and safety.

Emissions Inspection

All vehicles must pass emissions inspection first before earning a renewed safety sticker!

However, that isn’t always the case. Many cars fail an emission inspection when they don’t have the proper vehicle registration or the check engine light is on.

Safety Inspection

In addition, cars must also be inspected to determine if they’re safe enough. During this evaluation, we perform a vehicle road test and check different auto parts, including brakes/tires, the exhaust system, steering/suspension components, the car’s body and frame, and more.

However, in some cases, vehicles don’t pass the safety inspection because the chassis isn’t in perfect condition or the tires have bulges in the sidewall.

Did Your Car Fail State Inspections? Get Our Auto Repair Services in King of Prussia Today!

Fortunately, you only need to fix those issues and get your car re-inspected. This is where we come in, again! Welsh Automotive can be your best ally when this happens, as we can help you determine if your vehicle is safe to drive and meets state regulations!

Besides performing state inspections, if there’s an issue, our one-stop shop in King of Prussia, PA, offers the best auto service at an affordable price! Whether you should get a brake repair, need a tire rotation, or have to fix an emission-related problem, we can lend you a hand!

Why Perform A Car Inspection (King of Prussia, PA)

Besides being necessary to comply with state regulations and avoid penalties, car inspections can help you identify small issues that could pose safety risks or cost you thousands of dollars later.

Operating a faulty vehicle is dangerous and could even cause severe injuries or deaths! However, an early inspection may be all you need to ensure that your car is completely safe!

Need an Oil Change in King of Prussia, PA? We Can Help You, Too!

Do you want to prevent your car’s engine from failing and make sure it always runs efficiently? At Welsh Automotive, we also offer oil changes! Since we truly care about our customers, you can get an oil filter replacement and multi-point inspection if necessary!

In addition to the oil change, our seasoned team can perform a quick yet accurate computer diagnosis to find out what’s going on with your car. In other words, if you choose us, you can be sure that we’ll go the extra mile to make your vehicle safer than ever and offer the best solutions to all the issues it may have.

Repair, Routine Oil Change, and Auto Maintenance Services in King of Prussia, PA

Do you need an oil change or think it’s time to buy new tires? Should you get your car inspected to renew your safety sticker? Welsh Automotive has the best services in King of Prussia, PA!

Our technicians have many years of experience in auto repairs, inspections, and maintenance and are ready to help everyone in King of Prussia, PA, take care of their precious vehicles while ensuring they’re safe on the road!

Don’t wait until the last minute to make the repairs your car needs and perform the required inspections! Schedule online appointments on our website, text us (message and data rates may apply), or call us today!