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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Care Tips: Maximize Performance & Sustainability

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As electric and hybrid vehicles become more popular, finding reliable auto repair services for these vehicles can be a challenge. Not every auto shop is willing or able to work on these newer model vehicles, leaving many owners without a reliable place to get a car inspection or service.

At Welsh Automotive Specialties, our team of professional mechanics and technicians are trained and experts and any hybrid or electric vehicle auto repair needs. You can trust when you bring your car into our Exton, PA or West Chester, PA auto repair shop, you are getting quality service and reasonable prices.

Let’s walk through some essential maintenance tips for hybrid and electric vehicles so you can keep your car running

Understanding Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid and electric cars are designed to help us take care of our planet by reducing the amount of pollution we create. Even though both types of cars have the same goal, they use methods and machinery to achieve it.

Hybrid vehicles use both gasoline and electricity to create energy. With a combination of these two systems, the car requires less fuel and is more environmentally friendly. The car’s engine and electric motor take turns or work together to make sure the car runs as efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, electric vehicles are powered by batteries that are charged by connecting them to an external power source. Unlike gasoline-powered cars that use internal combustion engines, electric vehicles utilize electric motors to generate power and drive the wheels. Electric vehicles are fully electric, meaning they do not require any fuel or emit any harmful emissions into the environment.

Both vehicles are examples of emerging technology that is contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly world. However, do not mistake their new technology for being simpler! These cars are complicated computer systems that require specific attention and maintenance.

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Automotive Repair & Maintenance Tips for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Just like any other car, caring for a hybrid or electric vehicle requires ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you have a great car to enjoy for years to come.

But, they also require different auto services than a fully gasoline-powered vehicle. Some things you should keep in mind with a hybrid or electric vehicle include:

Battery Maintenance and Charging Guidelines: To keep your vehicle’s battery in top shape, you should perform regular checks and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal longevity.

Tire Services and Rotation: To keep your tires in good condition, it is important to regularly bring your car in for a tire rotation and check their pressure to make sure they keep a good grip on the road while providing a comfortable ride. This also includes regular wheel alignment. Time for replacement tires? We also carry name brand tires for your car.

Brake System Inspection and Maintenance: While it is true that regenerative braking in these vehicles generally requires less maintenance, it is still a good idea to have it checked occasionally to make sure it is functioning properly. Not only will this ensure that the brakes are working silently, but it will also help to maintain their overall performance and safety.

Fluid Checks and Replacements: While electric vehicles do not need engine oil or to have a routine oil change, their brake fluids and coolants still require regular maintenance. Do not neglect your car’s brake fluids and coolants.

Software Updates and Diagnostics: In today’s technologically advanced world, it is crucial to keep your electric or hybrid vehicle updated with regular software updates and thorough diagnostics to maintain its optimal performance.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

As your trusted partner in vehicle care, Welsh Automotive Specialties understands that owning a hybrid or electric vehicle may come with its own set of challenges. Let us help you face these challenges head-on and ensure that your vehicle remains in top condition.

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Here are some common issues our team at Welsh Automotive frequently sees:

Battery-related Problems and Troubleshooting Steps: Your electric or hybrid vehicle’s battery is crucial to its performance. If you notice a decline in range or sluggish operation, check the battery’s health. Keep charging habits in mind and remember that batteries age with time.

For comprehensive health checks and car inspections, trust Welsh Automotive Specialties for all your automotive repairs.

Regenerative Braking System Malfunctions and Solutions: If you notice that your vehicle is less energy efficient, your regenerative braking system may need a check. This feature sends energy back to the battery during braking, but malfunctions can reduce efficiency.

Our technicians can quickly and reliably correct any issues and provide great service along the way.

Charging Issues and Troubleshooting Guide: Frustration with a stubborn charger or an uncooperative socket can be very real. Often, the solution is as simple as examining your equipment for loose connections, ensuring the usage of recommended charging cables, or potentially upgrading your home charging equipment.

Remember, if you still experience charging woes, Welsh Automotive Specialties is just a call away.

Software Glitches and How to Resolve Them: Hybrid and electric vehicles are highly advanced machines, so it is not uncommon for them to experience software glitches from time to time. These glitches could appear as sudden errors on your dashboard or unexpected behavior of the vehicle. In most cases, a simple system reset or software update can fix the problem!

At Welsh Automotive Specialties, we take great pride in upholding the tradition of providing top-notch care for your vehicle. As a family-owned business, we fully recognize the importance of your vehicle in your daily life and we are here to ensure it stays safe and secure for you and your family.

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Schedule your next maintenance or service for your hybrid or electric vehicle today by giving us a call or requesting an appointment online!

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