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Even if you’re doing an oil change in Glen Mills, PA, don’t you want the satisfaction of knowing that it’s being taken care of by a professional in the business? Doesn’t it give you peace of mind to know that your brake repair is handled by the kind of people who have a vested interest in your safety?

Both our West Chester and Exton locations deliver a series of popular services that have been creating satisfied customers for decades!

A Family-owned Business Providing Tailored Auto Repair Services

Whether you want a car shop in the Glen Mills area to help you meet state inspection requirements, or you need a service to rectify some challenges that you’ve been having, you need individual attention.

Sure, we have a lot of experience working on cars and fixing the kind of problems you’ve been having, but that doesn’t mean we should pay attention to the uniqueness of your situation. Rest assured that our helpful and qualified technicians will carry out the required repairs while focusing on every detail.

How Do We Ensure That Your Vehicle Is Always Running at Its Best
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From oil changes to brake pad changes and beyond, we don’t just want to be fixing things that may be wrong with your car and calling it a day. We need to know that after you schedule your appointment and we’re done, you have an optimal and safe experience on the road.
So, what do we do to ensure that our clients have this kind of experience? All of the following:
  • A multipoint inspection spanning steering, suspension, the fuel system, exhaust, and more!
  • Rotating tires
  • Evaluating the general wear and tear on the tires
  • Changing your oil and your oil filter
What Should You Know About Our Car Diagnostic Services?

We’re well past the days when the bulk of the systems in a car are mechanical. Vehicles have largely become computerized. Thankfully, this means that with the right diagnostic tools, we can precisely and quickly understand where a car’s challenges lie. Your vehicle has a series of sensors, microchips, and built-in processors that allow us to do this.

To be honest, regardless of what the car’s challenges may look like on the outside, the real problem can lie in strange places. Your exhaust system, transmission, engine, brakes, or other major components are all potential suspects, as are others such as your airflow, ignition coils, and fuel injectors.

Best-in-class Technicians Take Care of Your Vehicle from End to End

The right people need to be providing you with a car repair service. Glen Mills, PA customers need to know that qualified and passionate professionals are working on their cars, and that’s the kind of people we are.

We wouldn’t expect you to go to a doctor that has never seen a day of medical school. So, why should you be comfortable with automotive businesses that neglect to have professional technicians on staff?

Our team is fully qualified and has the vast experience needed to handle the broad spectrum of services we offer. The best part is that they have a genuine interest in ensuring that your car leaves in tip-top shape.

Can You Expect a Warranty When We Complete Repair Jobs?
Welsh Automotive Specialists began in Exton,

We have a lot to be proud of at Welsh Automotive, but our Confidence Plus® North American Warranty is among the standouts. It covers both parts and labor, ensuring that a quality service is backed by a respectable guarantee.

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We believe that our Glen Mills clients deserve the best in auto repair, and that is what we will continue to provide. You should be comfortable enough to visit us and leave knowing that you have nothing to worry about thereafter.

Once you’re ready to get the ball rolling, you need only reach out to us. Book your appointment today and let our capable team take care of you!