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Advanced Brake Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Braking in Check

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Your car’s brakes are central to your vehicle’s overall health and condition, but often, they are overlooked when it comes to more serious maintenance services. Squeaky brakes when you press the brake pedal or worn brake pads aren’t the only things to be aware of when it comes to maintaining your brake system.

At Welsh Automotive, our team of professional and certified technicians is here to help with all of your brake services — from the most simple repairs to complicated brake problems. Our auto repair services in West Chester, PA and Exton, PA, are conveniently located, so as soon as you start noticing issues with your brakes, you can bring your vehicle in for brake repair services.

Here are some things to remember regarding advanced brake maintenance services.

Regular Brake Fluid Checks and Changes

Brake fluid is an integral part of your brake system, as it transfers the force applied by your foot on the brake pedal to the brake components, creating the necessary friction to stop your vehicle. The responsiveness of your braking system relies heavily on the quality and proper level of brake fluid.

Over time, brake fluid can degrade due to oxidation, which occurs when the fluid absorbs moisture from the air. And as a result, your car’s brake fluid becomes less effective, leading to reduced braking performance and even potential brake failure.

With our courtesy check, we will look at your brake fluid level and condition at every oil change to ensure there’s no performance decrease and everything looks good. We also advise changing your brake fluid every 30,000 miles or following the manufacturer’s suggested mileage, which can be found in your vehicle owner’s manual.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement

When it comes to advanced brake maintenance, your brake rotors play an essential role in your vehicle’s safety and performance. These metal discs are what your brake pads clamp down on to stop your vehicle.

However, over time and with use, grooves, cracks, and warps on your brake rotors can cause vibration, lead to noisy brakes, and impair brake responsiveness.

These warning signs often indicate that the rotors need professional attention. By bringing your vehicle into our trusted auto repair shop for a car inspection, we can help you complete a brake rotor or brake service to keep your car running in peak condition.

When you come in for a brake rotor repair, there are a few ways we can solve it — through resurfacing or replacement.

Resurfacing: A Solution for Minor Rotor Issues

Resurfacing is an ideal solution if your rotor wear is within tolerable limits. The process involves our skilled technicians using specialized equipment to remove a thin layer from the rotor’s surface. This provides a smooth, flat surface for the brake pads to contact, reducing vibrations and noise while enhancing the performance of your brakes.

Replacement: For Extensive Rotor Damage

If the rotor has substantial damage or has been resurfaced beyond its minimal thickness, we recommend replacing it as the safest and most viable option. Our technicians will expertly fit premium-quality rotors to ensure your braking system performs optimally and safely.

Brake Line Inspections

Brake lines are vital components of the braking system — they carry the brake fluid from the main cylinder to the brakes. Traditionally made from rubber, they are flexible and designed to withstand high pressures. But, over time, these rubber brake lines can deteriorate, leading to leaks, cracks, or becoming brittle, which can considerably impact your vehicle’s braking responsiveness.

Rubber brake lines can deteriorate over time and impact the overall braking effectiveness. Regular inspection for cracks or brittle areas on these lines can help ensure your brake system remains reliable. If we find any sign of wear, we recommend replacement right away to keep your car safe.

Anti-lock Braking System Checks

Modern vehicles are equipped with a system called “anti-lock braking” to prevent wheel lock-up during emergency or rapid braking situations. This technology helps maintain your vehicle’s stability and steering control, resulting in optimal stopping performance in various conditions.

Like any other component of your vehicle, occasional ABS malfunctions could occur due to sensor issues, wiring problems, or damaged components. Regular ABS system checks are essential in identifying and resolving these faults promptly, ensuring your vehicle’s braking system remains efficient and reliable.

At Welsh Automotive Specialties, our knowledgeable technicians can completely check the ABS system to identify any potential issues. The process involves:

  1. Examining ABS warning lights and using vehicle diagnostics to determine the trouble codes.
  2. Inspecting wheel speed sensors, ABS module, and wiring for signs of damage or wear.
  3. Testing individual components, like the ABS pump and valves, for proper functionality.
  4. Clearing any error codes after resolving detected issues.

Take care of your anti-lock braking system so you and your family remain safe on the road. We are here at Welsh Automotive Specialties for all your ABS repair services.

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