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West Chester, PA PA State Inspections

PA State Inspections in West Chester, PA

In Pennsylvania, it is required for you to get a yearly state inspection on your vehicle to ensure that it meets the proper driving standards. Many people are unsure what is exactly checked during these state inspections and can sometimes walk into an inspection with a faulty part of your vehicle, making you fail the test.

Auto Repair in West Chester, PA

A huge part of the state inspection tests (as well as the first part) is the check of your emissions system to make sure it’s running fine. You can usually indicate that something is wrong with your emissions system if the “check engine” light comes on. If you see this light, it’s highly important you take it into a repair shop to get it fixed before heading to the actual test. Welsh Automotive in West Chester has been praised for our very in-depth checks to make sure you’re all set for the emissions part of the test.

Another huge part of the test is the safety test for your vehicle to ensure that all of the safety features and basic handling of the vehicle are working fine. At Welsh Automotive in West Chester, we make sure to go through a long list of components such as: checking brakes & tires, the frame and body of your vehicle, the exterior lights, exhaust system, and the steering & suspension system.

So before you go to your next PA state inspection, stop by Welsh Automotive in West Chester to make sure you’re all set and ready to pass!

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