PA State Safety Inspection & Emissions Testing

The PA State Emissions Inspection

You must first pass the emissions portion of the inspection before the vehicle can pass the state safety inspection. A common reason the vehicle would fail the emissions test is if the check engine light is on. A common question we always get asked is can you just shut the light off and run the test. The answer to that is no because every time you shut the check engine light off, it resets the vehicle’s computer and what is called the emission readiness monitor.

The readiness monitor is a collection of self tests the vehicle needs to complete before the vehicle will let you run an emissions test. A couple of things the vehicle needs to see is a 10-30 mile drive with speeds under 60MPH, a cold engine start up, and a long deacceleration. For further information on the emissions program please click the link below.

The PA State Safety Inspection

During this part of the inspection there is a lot of areas of the vehicle we must inspect. The inspection includes a vehicle road test, checking all the exterior lights, checking the steering / suspension components, checking the brakes / tires, checking the exhaust system, and checking the body and frame of the vehicle. For more information on the PA State Safety Inspection, and what needs to be inspected, please click the link below.