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Vehicle & Car Towing

Need a tow? Contact Welsh Automotive in Exton, PA & West Chester, PA

Towing Auto Services

Is your vehicle stuck on the side of the road and you need immediate, reliable towing services? Welsh Automotive offers full towing services to lend our hand to anybody in a sticky situation and needed an immediate lift. We guarantee to take care of your vehicle from the pickup location to wherever you request it to be dropped off.

Give 610-524-5437 a call today for immediate towing assistance!

Contact Welsh Auto Repair Services

Areas We Serve

Although customers come from many various cities, counties and even states. Below is a list of cities we commonly serve.

  • Altor, PA 19380, USA
  • Ashwell, PA 19382, USA
  • Caswallen, PA 19380, USA
  • East Goshen Township, PA, USA
  • Exton, PA 19341, USA
  • Frazer, PA 19355, USA
  • Hyllwynd, PA 19382, USA
  • Lionville, PA 19341, USA
  • Marshallton, PA 19382, USA
  • West Chester, PA, USA
  • Willistown, PA 19073, USA
  • Windon, PA 19382, USA
Our Locations